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Guide - PKing in RS [F2P]

PKing in F2P

So you want to know how to PK? Of course you do, that's why you're here. Ok so the first thing i'm going to talk about is stats. It all depends on what kind of PKer you wish to be. My opinion, stick with either a strength pure or range/2h hybrid. DON'T get defense unless you're hitting up 85+ cb's.
Ok so the stats you're after are as follows.

   -   78 Range / 75 Strength / 40 Attack / 49 HP / Mage 31 / CB 52
   -   91 Range / 95 Strength / 40 Attack / 65 HP / Mage 85 / CB 60

Strength Pure
   -   95 Strength / 65 HP / CB 60 / Prayer (Optional) 31

Now you're probably thinking that those stats are practically impossible to reach.
If you're F2P, then you're right. They're impossible. So this is what you'll be after.

   -   70 Range / 70 Strength / 40 Attack / 62 HP / 31 Mage / 52 CB

Strength Pure
   -   80 Strength / 40 Attack / 68 HP / 31 Mage / 56 CB

P2P Guide
This is what I recommend doing. It takes longer but it's well worth it.
1. (If you're making a Strength pure, skip to step 2). Get range to 40 then buy 10 teletabs to camelot. Withdraw at least 500k and use 1 teletab. Run to the Range guild then train range from the minigame to either 78 or 91 Range.
All you need is a bow. Don't worry about losing your gold, you get it all back plus more via redeeming the tickets you get from the minigame for Rune arrows.

2. For strength, do the Minigame Soul Wars.
For each game you compete in, you get a 1, 2 or 3 points depending on if you lose, draw or win. These points, aka Zeals, can be traded in for experience. For every Zeal you exchange you get (Number of Zeals) x 55 x (skill level) in experience. For example if you have 50 Strength and you exchange 5 Zeal points, you will get 13750 experience for that skill. I recommend exchanging 100 points at a time, as you get an extra %10 Exp bonus for doing so.

3. Once you've done this, throw on a full iron set and mage guards outside of edgeville untill 25 Mage.
If you're not making a range/2h(CB 60) then stop reading, you're finished! Now go and PK!
Else, read on.
4. Once you've reached 25 Mage, buy tele's untill 43. Congrats, you can now do superheat!

5. Quickly run and do the Knights Sword quest. It takes about 10mins and saves a heap of time.

6. Once you've done that you should have 29 smithing and be ready to superheat.

7. Buy iron ore and coal. You'll need 1 Iron ore, 2 Coal, 1 Nature rune and a fire staff to make 1 Steel bar.
NOTE: This way can be extremely costly depening on GE prices. You might want to continue teleing untill 55 mage than do High alchemy. Search for a High alchemy calculator to find out the best items to alch.
Buy the materials for 5k Superheats at a time and Superheat untill 85.
Congrats! You can now teleblock!

F2P Guide
1. Melee: Buy an iron, addy and rune scim, aswell as a few hundred Tuna's. Go to Port Sarim and train on the Seagulls untill 20 Attack and 40 Strength. Next, go to edgeville and kill the men in the hut to the north of the bank untill 40 Attack and say, 50 Strength. Once there, head west to the monks and train there untill 70 Strength. Alternatively, you can go to the Stronghold of Security and train on the (Level 13) Minotaurs. From level 70 - 80 Strength it's up to you. The spots mentioned above are some of the best for F2P pures. If you choose to train on something else, go for it.
Skip the below step for Strength pures.

2. Range: Buy a sling and train on the seagulls until 40 range, then train on Monks untill 70 Range.

3. Mage: Put on full iron armour and equip a staff of air and mind runes. Train on the guards in edgeville untill 25 Mage. If you want to be able to tele to lumby, buy teles untill 31 Mage.

Now personally, I find it best just to Range/TB. You're pretty much guaranteed a kill unless you're either coming up against a rune pure or SW Strength prod. When you start combat, NEVER TB at the start. Try and estimate when they've used about 2/3 of their food. That's when you should TB, and range on for an easy kill. Another thing, take risks. Just because they hit you and you're sitting on 120hp doesn't mean you should eat. I see alot of people do this and, put simply, they fail. If you eat straight away, that gives them a chance to get more hits in and you waste more food than necessary. If, however, you keep ranging, you get them to waste and extra 2, 3 or maybe even half an inventory of food. Don't take stupid risks. If you're on 120hp and they're on 400hp, eat. If they're on say 200hp or less, keep ranging. Make them eat. This takes practice to get the hang of when you should eat or not, but it's worth it.
Make sure you always have tele's with you and a (optional) rune 2h/scim & str pot. If there's some rune pures around, feel free to take enough runes for 100 Fire Blasts, but that's up to you.
The equipment I always take are as follows.
  • Green D'hide chaps/vambs.
  • Up to 5 Varrock Teles
  • 5 Teleblocks
  • 100 Addies
  • Monk robe (Can substitute Monk robe for Iron plate & Full helm)
  • 100 Fire Blasts - Only if rune pures are around (Wizard robe and Wizard hat instead of Monk robe)
  • Rune 2h/Str pot
  • Full invent of Swordfish
You don't have to wear the above equipment, it's up to you. I always PK at the castle, and this is the gear I usually take. If you only choose to PK at low level wilderness, don't worry about Fire blasts or Teleblocks.

Good luck!


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