Saturday, 5 March 2011

First post EVARR!

Ok, so i'm starting a new games blog and of course, everyone has to start somewhere. So, what's the first thing that popped into my head? One of the most loved and hated games on the internet, and this is what i'm going to be talking about. RuneScape. Yes, you heard me. RuneScape.
Now I only play this game for the PvP side of it. I think it's great. I mean sure, it's not the best game around, and every game has its flaws, but the feeling you get when you prove yourself better then someone else is unmatched. And that feeling is something I get very, very often. This is on F2P of course. I'm absolutely terrible at P2P PKing, as good as the rewards might be.
Almost every fight i've been in, i've come out of it better off, with at least 2 rows of food left, sometimes even a full inventory. Out of all the fights i've been in, i'd say i've won at least 4/5 of them. The other 1/5 i've either died or tele'd, and dying rarely happens to me. My bank is roughly around 50m,with a mixture of cash and PKing supplies. And i'm only level 60.


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